Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mady Punya Kerja, Me Tolong Buat !

Startting time: 8:50 AM ( Malaysia )
7:50 AM ( Indonesia )

Name: Princess Alie

Brother (S): 4. Not brothers but body guard. kihkihkih

Eye colour: Dark brown

Shoe size: 7

Hair: Secret la!

What are you wearing rite now?: Orange T-Shirt

Where do you live: Bintulu, Sarawak

Favourite numbers: 147 & 565

Favourite drinks: Anything dat relate with chocolate

Favourite Breakfast: Cereal and Herbalife. ngeh3


Broken a bone: Will never do !

Been in a police car: Will never !

Fallen for a friend: heh?

Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time: Let me think first! :p

Swam in the ocean: Yup, when i'm primary school. hoho

Fallen asleep in school: Next time you go ask my teachers ok! haha

Broken someone heart's: Erk??

Cried when someone died: Yup ! *miss Jannah so much. uhuk!*

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: Just wasting my time to do dat !

Save e-mails: Yup !

Been cheated on?: Huh? I already forgot about dat!


Your room like: Sky blue !

What is right beside you: beg, hp, headphone & mp4

What is the last thing you ate: My breakfast.


Who did you last yell at: I'm a good girl :P

Who was the last person you dance with: can't dance and love to see korean band dancing ! :P :P :P

Who last made you smile: My family of coz !


What are you listening to rite now?: I Think of You by Mesut Kurtis ft Irfan Makki.

What did you do today: Typing !

Are you the oldest: I'm the 3rd one from 5th.

Indoors or Outdoors: Both !

Today you did: Same answer with de 2nd question for dis section.

Talk to someone you like: My beloved family n friends.

Kiss anyone: My children, i means my student. hehe *miss them*

Sing: Nope !

Talk to an ex: Eh??

Miss someone: My friends for sure. My sisters HAMKA's too. My besties group91. (^__^)

Eat: Tom Yam last nite!


Made you cry: My sisters HAMKA's. *miss them so much!*

You went to the mall with: Cousin !

Who cheered you up: My family !

You talked to on the phone: My brother !


Been to Mexico: Not interested !

Been to USA: Not interested ! I just want to go to paradise. Hopefully i'll. With my family n friends!


Have a crush on someone: Lalalalalala.

What book are you reading rite now: 60 Sirah Sahabat

Best feeling in the world: Eat when i'm really hungry and sleep when i'm really sleepy !

Future kids name: Dzafira? Farisya? hehehe

Do you sleey with stuffed animal: Euww !

What under your bed: Bed. Double lorh !

Favourite sport: Tennis. Go go go Ryoma Echizen! hahaha

Favourite place: My bed room.

Who do you really hate: Satan

Do you have a job: As a good Da'ie, Daughter, Muslimah n etc.

What time is it now: 9:32 AM ( Malaysia )
8:32 AM ( Indonesia )

with however long it took you to complete this, NO NEED TO POST as " My Minutes Survey " and NO NEED TO TAG 15 peoples. hahaha *i'm modified dis word MADY!*

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