Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Business Plan

My Economic's Lecturer want us make a business plan and submit the next Tuesday.
The problem is, how to make it hah??
I don't have any experience about business la!
Aisey, anyone can help me??

I'm already to find out the example of business plan
But, it's to complicated and i'm totally can't understand,

Lecturer already warning us to make the business plan by ourself,
That mean, the business plan must be original made by us!
If not, our business plan will be reject and we can't get a mark for Mid - Exam.

Help me please!!

example in one part of business plan..

I'm blur what type of business should i do,
But may be i want make a Online Bookstore Business.

OMG, i'm really2 blur!!

Apa - apa pun,
Susah atau senang,
You have to face it Ara!!
Chaiyok2!! Hehe

~really need your pray~

1 comment:

putri AnaMas said...

kne wat business plan ea??
ana pn dulu pn ad gak kena wat BP ni dulu..
tp BP utk perniagaan kecil-kecilan..
ana wat perniagaan kek n bakery..nk ke ana nye BP..
tp ad setengah data..main bubuh je...