Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rainbow Like Our Life!!

Rainbow like our life
Rainbow, rainbow, rainbow is in the sky.
Children were clapping & jumping with joy.
I also heard the roar and saw
the wonder of seven colour’s rainbow in the sky.
It was glowing & was giving coolness to our eyes.
Suddenly it was disappeared from the sky and
then I realize that the rainbow is like
the life of a human-being.
It’s colours are like the colours of our life.
Colours of life as joy, sadness,
Kindness, honesty, attraction, haterdness & love
are as the seven colours of a rainbow
And I realize that rainbow is just
like the life of a human being.

p/s-actually i made this en-3 just because i want to improve my english..i noe my english is not good enough but i wish some day i will...practice make perfect rite??he3...chaiyok2 sarah!!gambate!

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